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BNB Group is about passion and commitment. With its distinctive services, BNB has added value of excellence of its product quality.

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BNB has established as one of the prominent marble companies and makes a contribution to the finest style, taste and culture to the world of luxury brands.

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BNB House of Marble Galleries are exclusively created and designed to resemble the true sense of the luxurious appeal from our exhaustive range of exquisite natural stone collections. Embodying  a rich inspiration and imagination, all  guests are able to visit and experience all our facilities, attended by our informative staffs. State-of-the-art showrooms and imaginative displays, lounge, and spacious dry-lay hall serve as personal spaces where valued guests are able to appreciate and indulge in the vibrant and absolute beauty.



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Nestled at vast open green landscape, the BNB House of Marble – Jakarta, has established a strong profile that promotes new luxury and challenge the convention of an ordinary marble gallery. Designed like a luxury resort with the convenience of facilities, the gallery presents guests with an ever-expanding selections of our finest natural stones in the relaxed and elegant ambience.



Surabaya 1

A high-end exhibition gallery or art gallery. It is all of them. More than just an exhibition gallery, BNB House of Marble – Surabaya 1 wants to present its stellar inventory of the most exquisite and exotic natural stone collections with an extraordinary space of art and style. Upon entrance to the main building is The Art Stone Gallery. Inside the green-covered glass façade is a cutting-edge art stone collections sprawled over two-levels exhibition hall.



Surabaya 2

Situated in the industrial park of the southern Surabaya, the BNB House of Marble – Surabaya 2 is a center of attraction with its major architectural gesture of daring and bold façade, mimicking a massive natural stone. BNB pays homage to nature by designing an expansive greenhouse that serves as a stock warehouse. Adjacent to the gallery is one of BNB production facilities in Indonesia.


BNB Signature Collections

We are pleased to introduce our finest natural stone collections - handpicked from our own quarry.


Quarries & Production Lines

From  the quarries  to shipping, BNB Group
has applied an integrated processing line to meet
new market demand of natural stones.


BNB has acquired a reputation to its exceptional eye for detail to recognize the extraordinary beauty and reveal the value of natural stone. Our passion for the finest luxury marble stones have seen us acquire our own quarries and unearthed our own marble collection. Situated in Tulungagung district, East Java, that is well-known for its natural marble richness, the quarry produces fine marble characteristic performance. Fitting to ethical environment practices, BNB puts total respect and responsibilities for the environmental sustainability, particularly about the origin and how our stone is sourced.


Backed by two integrated production facilities in Surabaya and Tulungagung, East Java, BNB Group has capabilities in supporting major, complex and large-scale projects domestic and international. BNB Group is strongly committed towards its acquisition of the advanced technology, while quality, skill and innovation go hand-in-hand to bring the company into a predominant market track record.

The sense of distinguishing and revealing the potential value and quality of natural stone, combined with personal service.


BNB Group is a distinguished marble and granite supplier in Indonesia with more than 30 years of experience in the natural stone industry. The business ranges from quarrying, processing, trading and art-decoration-working of marble, onyx, granite, travertine and other kind of natural stones.

With our resource-networking of suppliers all over the world, and not to mention the integrated- processing- line and exclusively owned marble-quarry of 13.3 hectares in Tulungagung, East Java, BNB Group is duly able to supply the domestic and foreign market demand of natural stones.

Starting from the headquarter in Surabaya, the group reaches out to the market by operating in Tulungagung, Jakarta and Xiamen (China). BNB Group effectively and efficiently offers the pride and the totality in service to achieve better value for all customers.



Surabaya Head Office

Jalan Kesatrian No. 22,
Buduran, Sidoarjo 61252,
East Java, Indonesia
Tel. +62 (31) 895 8000
Fax. +62 (31) 895 7999

Surabaya Branch

Pergudangan RitzGate
Jalan Muncul Blok AA 7-8
Gedangan, Sidoarjo,
East Java, Indonesia
Tel. +62 (31) 8530 9333, +62 (31) 8554 279
Fax. +62 (31) 8554 888

Jakarta Branch

Jalan Raya Jakarta-Bogor Km. 46
Kel. Pakansari, Kec. Cibinong,
Kab. Bogor, West Java 16915, Indonesia
Tel. +62 (21) 8790 2222
Fax. +62 (21) 8790 7770

China Branch
362342 Fujian Province, Nan An City,
Shuitou town, Binhai Industrial Zone,
Bestcheer Slab Market,
2nd Store House-Area III

Jl. Raya Campurdarat-Bandung Km 15
Campurdarat 66272, Tulungagung,
East Java, Indonesia
Tel. +62 (355) 533 800
Fax. +62 (355) 533 530

Desa Nguri, Tulungagung,
East Java, Indonesia

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